Building the NFT Music Metaverse

Here to bring back to music its value through NFTs tecnology!

Music Recorded Into The Blockchain

Above all the standards our current main service is releasing music tracks as original 1:1 edition NFTs, as well as on the main streaming services and marketplaces. A revolution in the music industry that brings advantages both for artists and fans.


Giving Music the Value It Deserves

Music minted as NFTs on the Blockchain become unique, immutable and ownership proven, increasing remarkably its value


Exclusivity and Advantages for Fans

Owning the NFT means to own the unique and original work of art, supporting your favorite artist/s and obtaining exclusive contents


Innovative High Reward System For Artists

A 1:1 edition NFT is an asset that can be sold at high prices and royalties come also from every future sale


Music in the New Tokenized Economy

Thanks to NFTs a new and growing market is born, where art can be exchanged safely and easily as never before

Latest Releases

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